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2017 Changes for Show Jumping


LEVEL 1 There is a new course plan with areas marked with dotted lines to indicate area the judge would expect riders to hold the forward position or light seat over 4 poles.

If classes for LEVEL 1 are held at Qualifiers then these classes (led or un-led) will not qualify for Hartpury.

LEVEL 2  There is a new course plan with shaded areas marked where it is acceptable to canter- i.e  if the horse lands in canter after jump one, it can approach jump 2 in canter and land in canter but must trot before the end of the shaded area.

Riders seen to be kicking or encouraging horses into canter will be penalised- only when the horse offers the canter may it be allowed over fences 2 and 5.

No cones are left in arena as corner markers to ride around- riders must judge where they turn and approach next jumping line.

Only riders entering UN LED classes in Level 2 at qualifiers may qualify for Hartpury. Led classes may take place but are not judged as qualifiers.

2 refusals permitted, elimination at 3rd refusal

LEVEL 3  ridden at canter, trot at corners if needs to change canter lead. Judge may deduct marks if canter is not maintained on the approach to each jump. 2 refusals permitted, elimination at 3rd refusal. Failure to ride through finish = elimination.

Changes to course and competition rules from National Office

Countryside Challenge:

There will be no automatic qualification for overall class champion this year.  All riders MUST qualify with a score of 65% or over in order to take part at Hartpury.

Hearing impaired riders must wear yellow armbands to alert judges and stewards that signing may be used and the person communicating may need to be in different positions to enable the rider to interpret the sign language.

Course changes- (more info will be available on RDA website)

  • Obstacle 4- Barrel – rider is no longer required to do a figure of “8”- they may circle around either of the barrels once going through the middle of the barrels.
  • Obstacle 8- Bridge- an actual bridge is not required! Jumpkins with poles across horizontally to indicate the walls of the bridge are one suggestion, with something on the floor on either side of the “bridge” to look like water (eg blue material in shape of a river, leading to the pond)  Width of the bridge approx two poles distance.
  • Obstacle 9- pond- this will be a “loose serpentine” rather than a circle around the pond, a shrub will mark where the rider steers around to create the shape from obstacles 8 to 9 and 10.
  • Obstacle 10- sheep pen- rather than steering behind this obstacle will be part of the serpentine shape mentioned above.


  • I. riders will compete on Saturday at Hartpury 2018 rather than Friday.
  • Riders permitted to use two whips one in either hand. Graded riders MUST put this info in their paperwork.
  • I/D walk only test 2018 is no longer restricted to Newcomers to Hartpury
  • The work CALLER has been replaced by COMMANDER
  • In freestyle tests half marks may be used throughout the scores
  • There is no longer a maximum whip length for dressage
  • New tests are in production for 2018 and there will be a pairs dressage
  • There will be led tests for walk only, and walk and trot, but riders MUST qualify for these being led at Regional level in separate classes


  • Level 5 (unled) has been introduced


  • This will run on the Saturday at Hartpury
  • There are no regional qualifiers for vaulting- people wanting to enter must contact Sam Davison, Regional Vaulting Rep to arrange entries and horse if applicable
  • There will be a new PAIRS class, run as an open competition with no age restriction, on the barrel (pre novice compulsories & freestyle) and on the horse (walk compulsories and walk freestyle)

Changes to Regional Qualifiers

  • 2018 Regional Qualifiers will be held on the same day for Countryside Challenge and Dressage, as is done in other RDA Regions.
  • This will take place at Pen Y Coed Riding Stables, Pant, Oswestry, SY10 8LG on Tuesday 22nd Entry forms and details will follow in January.
  • Horses will be available from Pen Y Coed for entrants, but Groups are most welcome to bring their own horses to compete. This must be stated on the entry forms.
  • Any Groups who have riders wanting to compete in Show Jumping classes please get in touch with Alys as soon as possible to discuss possible options, no later than February 28th. Last year we didn’t have any entries so didn’t hold a SJ Qualifier.
  • Riders competing in more than 2 disciplines (e.g Countryside challenge and dressage) MUST choose which discipline they want to qualify for (for the Nationals) ON THE DAY OF THE REGIONAL QUALIFIERS.
  • Riders competing in two classes for Dressage Regional round must chose which one they want to qualify for before the tests take place. This must be marked on the entry form.
  • If you would be willing to help as a steward on the day of the qualifiers please get in touch with Alys at or ring/text 0775 2110825. Many thanks!


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