Endurance taster

Larissa Burnett, one of our N Wales volunteers, who has competed with the Welsh Endurance squad over the last couple of years, is happy to help us to arrange a Regional Endurance taster day sometime in May hopefully. This will be a 1 – 3 km course, hopefully around fields and outside in the open air, and held like a mock endurance competition- though it will be non competitive for this year. if popular then we can then look into holding a competition the following year.

it will also give riders the chance to decide if they like Endurance, even if their home group doesn’t currently offer endurance as an activity, and we can point them in the direction of other events such as RDA national endurance at Hartpury in july and also to British endurance.

Please could you ask riders who may be interested in taking part to let me know their names, contact details (and height and weight) by email rdanwaleschair@outlook.com or phone 0775 2110825, by April 5th.

We are also hoping some volunteers can ride as a ridden escort for the taster, dependent on venue and how many horses we have available, so please make volunteers aware of this to avoid disappointment when passing on the info. we are looking for stewards on the day on foot, to be at certain points around the course, so please ask interested people to let me know.

When we know how many riders are interested, and their heights and weights, we can arrange a course and taster day.

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